Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Today I am forced to examine my own mortality in the wake of the passing of Guru. How life can exist one moment and vanish the next? There is joy and challenges we all must face, but just as important, I realized today the significance music has in my life. While I have an understanding that it is neither a religion or an entity that can save us, I do recognize its grave importance to the world. Hip Hop especially has a way of lifting our spirits, from its braggadocio beginnings, to the inspiring words of truth. Its ability to allow us to party on the weekend as well as feel empowered on Monday morning. From Sean Bell, to the the earthquakes in Haiti, Hip Hop is the voice of the people, and the pulse of the world. At its core Hip Hop has always made me feel hopeful. The skill of allowing these emotions to flow thru our veins is an art that Guru held in high regard, and executed with precision and love for his craft. -Thank you Sr.